Wednesday, February 4, 2015

That is My Thing

For this exercise I chose to imitate Becca Wilhite’s “Writing and Life.” I was immediately drawn to the format and structure of it. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a poem, it might be, but I just really liked the format. I like the short phrases and the idea of conveying your thoughts like that because it’s very straightforward and right to the point and truth. Obviously mine will be about a completely different topic with a few alterations and of course, my own voice.
School is not my thing.
It is an unspoken expectation—a part of life I dislike and cry and lose sleep over.
But the Quest for Wisdom, that’s my thing.
Searching and discovering and asking and answering
and reading and writing and praying and listening and sharing and
and understanding
and judging and discerning
and “ah-ha!”-ing
and doubting
and even admitting I was wrong (sometimes)
and seeking truth
and finding virtue and beauty in everyone and everything around me.
 And putting thoughts onto paper.
Lots of thoughts.
Sometimes questioning if it even matters.
Is it just all nonsense?
Just some silly woman’s advice?
Just some unimportant realizations and truths?
But then again, questioning is my thing.
 And so even that becomes a good thing,
not a hinder to my Quest.
All that list,
all of it,
that is my thing.
And I love every piece of it.
My own Quest for Wisdom.
That is my thing.  
*I am so sorry it took me forever. I just couldn't get it on here correctly for some reason*

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  1. Ok I know its weird to comment on my own but I just need to say that the format came out wrong and I've been trying to fix it forever so I give up! That's not how its supposed to look but oh well!