Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hunting for Mutlifaceted Blogs

I've been brainstorming the different blogs I'd like to look into, and I've decided I'd like to go the personal blog route rather than one that designed for a certain subject or agenda. I like the more open-ended possibilities of personal blogs. One post may be about an event, but the next might be hashing out a current events issue. One day the blogger may vent a little; another day they may open up about something difficult and important. I think I'll having an easier time connecting with a blog like this.

Through Facebook I've found two blogs that I think will work well for my efforts to make connections. One blog was started by a girl I went to high school with, and Ive already done some interacting with her. A couple months ago, she lost her sister. She shared a lot of her heartbreak through Facebook, so I was aware of the situation, when one day she shared a blog post about her terrible visiting teachers and their insensitive visit so soon after this tragedy. I responded, since I've had my fair share of visiting teaching failures, but those failures have taught me what not to do and have ultimately become something positive. She never replied to that post, but a couple weeks later I shared a short post on Facebook reflecting on grief and death, and this girl commented almost immediately.

For this assignment, I've been looking at her blog again and have discovered it's quite diverse. Her latest post is a DIY project--which wasn't exactly what I was looking--but I like that she shows multiple sides to herself. It's not all serious. Even though I'm certainly no Pinterest Diva (I don't actually have a Pinterest), I commented and shared my own ideas for the project.

Likewise, my second blog has a wide span of post types. The blogger is my old visiting teacher (a good one, but short-lived) who has since moved away. She's a stay-at-home mom and nurse and she shares adament health opinions, simple experiences with her children, and deep personal issues like her miscarriage and birth. Some of these posts coincide with my ideas for my personal essay.

Maybe I should narrow my searches for connections, but like seeing a dimensional person. What do you think?


  1. I think what you did is spot on what you should be doing. You want to connect with people who have diverse posts and ideas? Then do it. I don't think this class is meant to limit us to a certain type of blogosphere. I think you did exactly what we were asked to do for this assignment.

  2. I think your experience is awesome because it shows that even if you don't get an immediate response, you still may have made an effect on someone by reading and commenting on their work. And people usually reciprocate. In fact, it's tough to find a downside to being more involved in people's writing, now that I think about it....