Monday, February 2, 2015

What's with the hat?

             As I walked up the stairs I could feel the soreness of legs moving to my ass the higher I stepped. The pain didn’t stop and either did the steps. All I could think was how long before it would end. This infinite staircase was my worst enemy but yet I still found myself forcing my tired body interact with it on a daily because mentally it was the right thing to do.  But was it really? After my allotted time was over I thankfully jumped off that damn stair stepper and moved quickly down the real stairs where my car was parked right outside of the 24 Hour Fitness Gym.
            The gym is an interesting place, my interesting place. What is much more interesting about it than most places, even Wal-Mart, are the people. At Wal-Mart we know everyone there is for the same reason, they need to buy something they don’t have. I mean, take one look around the gym. Ranging from punk teenagers that lift almost heavier than their own weight to the sweet brittle men wearing their Levi’s all while trying to stretch out those hamstrings. A classic favorite are the guys who make sure that they are seen at the gym everyday. It is easy to tell them apart from everyone else because usually their veins are about to burst from their arms just as a balloon filled with too much air. There are sub categories to these “guys.” The athletic male who runs extra sprints on the treadmill to increase his speed for the big race. The older but let’s not forget single men who slowly creep their way around the gym always coincidently working out adjacently next to the married cougar who doesn’t need to be told twice that she looks good for being forty. But, my ultimate favorite would be the guys who lift strictly weights. Firstly, why do some of these guys wear beanies? It is cold in the gym? I’ll just go ahead and answer that for you. No, it’s not cold, especially at 24 Hour Fitness because the air conditioning finds a way to break every few months. So men, can we please stop with the beanies.

BY THE WAY::: I keep posting on time, I posted this on Saturday and it never appeared. I came on this morning to comment on other students and saw that this never posted. Please Help Me If You Can.

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  1. This is awesome haha I loved reading this. You set the scene beautifully and if anyone has ever been to the gym, you describe these types of people perfectly. Very entertaining.