Sunday, February 1, 2015

quite the party.

Yesterday was so freaking busy. I went on a run in the crisp morning air, before meeting up at a Relief Society activity I put together. Which was supposed to be group yoga, but there were only 7 people there and 3 of us planned the activity. So, that was cool. The 7 of us filled that spacious room right up though, laughing and stretching and loving every minute of it. After a rough morning of yoga, I ran back home to shower before going out with my best friend down here in Utah, Lindsey. We went shopping and grabbed lunch, hung out and just enjoyed each other’s company. She is such a wonderful person and I am so grateful for her. It was a really good time. After shopping, I met up with my boyfriend Lane to make dinner and run errands. I always seem to be running.

Even as I write this, I am in a rush because I have Super Bowl party to get to. Oops.

I had made spaghetti squash chicken alfredo with garlic sourdough bread, which all turned out alright. After dinner and stopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, we met up with Lindsey and her husband, Tanis, at the Provo Recreational Center for basketball and swimming. We raced down the slides, taking turns on the faster one and getting wedgies at the end of it. I watched three of my favorite people climb the rock walls and once they reached the top, they looked back and let go, splashing back into the 12-foot deep water. I reflected on how grateful I am for them until they encouraged me (lovingly, mind you) to try the wall myself. I pretended to try but my lack of strength prevented me to do so. We floated around the little lazy “river” and teased each other with juvenile play of hide-n-seek. We relaxed in the hot tub, giggling amongst ourselves at the other couples groping each other within mere feet of us. I felt like a child again and I loved it. When we all left, Lane and I obviously needed to go to Taco Bell, then we went back to his place and played card games until I could no longer keep my head up. He drove me home in the dark, both of us deliriously tired, but wonderfully satisfied with our day and our relationship. After meetings this morning before church, a quick nap before sacrament meeting, we are now heading to watch the Super Bowl. I’m from Seattle and he hates the Seahawks. It’ll be quite the party. Or something like that...


  1. It's fun to hear about all of the little details of your day. It's always interesting to realize that people have lives as busy, seemingly insignificant but entirely important for just existing, as mine. It makes us all more real.

  2. This is the most realistic one I have read thus far! I liked reading about normal everyday things in a weird way. Looks like you had an over all good weekend! Congrats, that's hard to do as a student! :)