Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Will Wonders Never Cease

Douglas Thayer, Will Wonders Never Cease, was a non-the less a Mormon fiction novel. I enjoyed reading the book, it was a really easy and fun. The story line of a boy, Kyle, suffering from consequences due to bad decisions was clearly a message created for the youth who are struggling with the faith. I think Thayer did a great job portraying this situation that we see in many lives in the youth if the LDS faith. I loved seeing the character development in the main character because this was the first time I have ever read a fictional story of a person gaining a testimony. It was interesting to read with that perspective.I liked being inside a fictional character's mind, certainly when it is a young adult. I think he did a great job capturing this experience in this novel

This novel was in the same genre as, Dispirited, young adult fiction. With a lot of the readings we have read this semester I have learned having an open mind has most helped me to understand these authors and their purpose in writing. Writing these not religious, but also religious but also everything else can be confusing. Being an English major it is normal to go into a book expecting something and getting exactly that. But with all of these ambiguous works, we tend to dislike them rather than trying a different perspective once we read these undefinable works. 


  1. I agree; it was cool to read about someone gaining a testimony over the course of a novel. The fact that it is juxtaposed with an avalanche climb makes you think about how a testimony is more important than getting out of the avalanche at all.

    I like your thought about young adult fiction, but I wish you would elaborate more. What do you mean by these books being ambiguous?

  2. I also thought it has been really interesting to read novels from the perspective of young adults or youth. We get such a different outlook on the whole situation, especially when it's a young kid in an adult situation, like being trapped after an avalanche. I have always wondered how adults get such a peak into the young adult mind and are able to write about it so well, even long after their youth when they've started to forget what it's like to think like a kid.