Monday, February 16, 2015

Boring Title: Personal Essay

Again I shared my personal essay. Obviously this was a longer version and I shared it with one of my friend’s roommates. She didn’t know me and was kind enough to take the time and read the different parts. I told her this was an essay about myself and that she was allowed to be as honest as she needed to be with me. She sent me my response tonight and I was almost shocked what she had to say. She started off with explaining how she really liked the tone of the essay and how she was able to relate to her own experiences at a gym. She then began to describe how while she was reading she developed a relationship with me. She said because she could relate I seemed like I knew what I was doing, in other words I was credible. She said that through out the essay she was worried about my character on and off. She said she liked how I made myself seem “in distress” and “independent” all in the same moment. This made me have a whole different view on my essay and at myself. I would have never thought of myself in that way but I can totally understand where she is coming from. By having her read my personal essay she was able to analyze me and my character within, without having a bias opinion.


  1. Wow that's great! It seems that sharing with a stranger is a great experience, one I want to do soon since this time I shared with a friend I have grown apart from. It is awesome how she felt she began creating a relationship with you!

  2. I've always thought the best books/essays were those that connected me deeply to their characters. I know I've finished a truly wonderful book of I feel like I've lost a best friend. So it sounds like your essay is doing its job! What a pleasant surprise it must've been to find that someone not especially close to you was able to grow closer simply by reading a short essay from you!

  3. Cool that you came to a better understanding of yourself and your writing through feedback!