Sunday, February 22, 2015

Getting Involved Feels Good

I haven’t been sure exactly where to look for valuable content to read—I’ll continue my search. I looked in several different places over the week, but I’ll share brief stories about two of them.

The first wasn’t actually a blog—it was an online newspaper article and the discussion (via comments) that followed. I tried to get a general idea of what was going on and what people thought about the issue. Then I submitted a comment of my own. I tried to include both my own opinion on the issue as well as acknowledge the truth I’d seen in what I’d read. It wasn’t received as well as I would’ve liked, but I was still glad that I’d made an effort to be a part of the conversation.

My second experience had to do with a young woman—a girl several years older than me from my home ward. I think she babysat me once or twice, but we never knew each other all that well. A few days ago, she gave birth to her first child—at only 24 weeks’ gestation. She, her husband, and the baby have been through quite the adventure this week (including a LifeFlight from St. George to Salt Lake). This woman—a mother now—and her family have been posting on a new blog and all week. But I never read through any of them.

Until yesterday. I spent the time it took to read everything I could about their week, including the many comments on their posts. Although the editor side of my brain itched to make some fixes, I focused on the feelings reading the posts evoked in me. In this aspect, the posts were beautiful. I made a comment on one of the posts about how their words and attitude about their situation inspired those of us reading and watching. Judging by the “likes” my comment got, many people agreed with me.

It felt good to get involved in a cause—in a life—if only by learning what I could about it. I’m grateful for how easy modern technology makes it to do just that. It gives me cherished chances to interact with some wonderful people. 


  1. I agree that it was nice to get involved so easily in someone's life through modern technology. I love how it allows us to stay connected and even to make new connections and gain insight through our endeavors.

  2. I liked your second experience. I've been trying to see past the faults of posts and see the humanity behind it too. There's lots of people dealing with things, and I things, and I think everyone could use a little more support than they have.