Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Assigned Blessing

While I first starting watching the videos I had noticed myself noting down the people who flowed and sounded most relatable with. These personal essays really hit home for me. My favorite essay was “Temporal Death,” an essay about an old woman facing the end her life. This weekend my family has been getting calls from my grandma’s assisted living home with notice that she is not doing well. Today she was admitted to the hospital and this essay really comforted me. This essay gave me a better understanding of death and the reason we are here on this Earth. This author did a great job using word choice and perfect description to make this situation seem beautiful. Reading this essay made me feel like I was there with the old woman and that I knew her well. This was a blessing for me.

In my own personal essay I would like to tune in on the audience and relating to a more specific audience as well as a general audience. These essays did a good job on doing both. I found myself relating to many of the essays even if I hadn’t experience the same circumstance. They were well written on the technical writing side but stayed personable throughout. Their topics weren’t boring. In their videos it was like they were talking directly to me and as if they knew what it was they wrote I was in need to read. This inspired me to choose a topic that I am comfortable with but am also passionate about.

I honestly can say I haven’t read very much Mormon literature before this class. This was very fun to read and I think it was because it was a short personal essay that almost any Mormon could write about a special experience they have had in regards to our religion.  I think that is what made this assignment so enjoyable.

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  1. I agree that it is important to relate to a specific audience as well as a general audience. Being able to write for everyone as well as those who may have had similar experiences is going to be tricky. How do you think you will navigate that aspect of this essay?