Thursday, January 15, 2015

Needs to be Added Upon

Before I begin my review I would like to discuss my thoughts on fictional stories and religion. I don’t think they go together. I don’t they were meant to. I don’t think our minds can intellectually read them. A fictional story on the doctrines of a church was never meant to be. And Nephi Andserson’s novel, Added Upon proved that. The idea was sweet and charming. Different characters on a journey through the plan of salvation. How sweet, even when looking past the poorly written dialogue. But, doctrines of church’s are believed to be true! So. . . why would we try and write [FICTIONAL] stories on true beliefs? As a reader I feel that fictional stories discredit churches doctrine because it stands strong enough on its own. Back to what I said, writing fictional stories in relation to doctrine is hard when trying to be successful. This is because I think it ruins something that has already been perfectly written, doctrine.

Now my review.

Ups: I think this book challenges us as readers to ask all the right questions and give this idea (after life- pre life etc…) a longer thought. This was definitely a book that guided me in the right direction searching for the truth and the knowledge to understand God’s plan for me and his children. I can also see how this story can help readers who don’t understand the LDS’s beliefs of the Plan of Salvation to compare it to their own lives or to others.

Downs: From my last sentence from my Up’s I want to say this novel can also confuse readers who don’t understand the LDS’s beliefs of the Plan of Salvation because I think Anderson didn’t do a great job convey through his characters what LDS members truly believe. His characters acted on obedience when as members we act on faith, which is what helps us to obey. The writing and character development was sad but easily overlooked because I knew where he was trying to get at as a member of the LDS church.

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