Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just a Mormon

After doing a little bit of reading on Card I realized that the most of Card’s writings are based upon Mormon ideas. But I think that Card is NOT a Mormon writer. Just a Mormon who writes. He does a really good job using life experiences and being subjective within in his writing. By not subjecting his audience to only those who can relate with his up bringing (Mormonism). However, in Card’s writing I can see many different examples when he uses Mormonism and different parts of the religion within his writing.   One aspect I want to discuss is the character Alvin and how he closely compares with Joseph Smith. The whole story of the Unmaker against the Maker is basically the prophet’s life story. The Unmaker wants to destroy everything beautiful and lovely just like the persecution again Joseph Smith during the restoration. Not only does Card follow along with church history but American history as well.

Over all I thought that Card’s book had simple themes but was a good story. I found some interesting things in an essay written by Eugene England, who submitted his paper to a BYU Symposium, “Orson Scott Card is a radical Mormon.” England goes on to say that one’s beliefs shouldn’t affect an author’s writing because it screws with the story too much. I DISAGREE I think it is impossible for us as writers NOT to put our own beliefs subconsciously into our work. He goes on to talk about how He is a radical because he is “deeply committed” to everything in his life.  When writers write what they are passionate about it is only then an author’s writing is well written and easy to relate. Otherwise a writer can’t convince the reader enough that his writing is good, let alone enjoyable. Back to what I said in the beginning. Card was a Mormon writing. We should except these themes to leak through.

England, Eugene. "The Redemption Od Orson Scott Card." BYU Life, the Universe, & Everything XV: An Annual Symposium (1997). Print.

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  1. I completely agree that our selves always leak into our writing (and any other part of our lives, really). I do think Card was deliberate in creating Alvin's story based loosely on Joseph's. There are just too many similarities for it to be accidental. Does that mean Card has to be a "Mormon writer" as opposed to just a writer who's Mormon? I don't think so. So I agree with you there, too.