Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reflections on Jer3miah

The Jeremiah video series following a young boy named Jeremiah Whitney who is a college freshman.  He learns that he has a supernatural/religious purpose he is supposed to carry out and said purpose often puts he and those around him in danger.

This video series was definitely something.  I have never really watched a video series before so this was a new medium experience for me; each episode was probably no more than ten minutes and I enjoyed the breaks the episodes provided to a two hour total watch time.  Like I said, watching Jer3miah was an interesting experience.

At first, I did not know if I liked that the perspective of the series was through a video camera.  However, it does provide as opportunity to see through the eyes of Jeremiah.  We got to see how he interacts and how he sees the world and people around him.

I did think the mixture of religious and mystical elements provided for an new interesting genre.  However, I thought some of the elements were hard to follow.  The inclusion of mystical, supernatural elements sometimes seemed out of place and I often felt like I had missed important plot events that led to places such as the magical cave place.  I felt like there was more focus on including supernatural elements rather than developing the plot and I wasn't always sure why the mystics were needed.

I also wish there would have been more character development.  I really wanted to care about the characters more than I actually did.  They seemed a little flat.  That being said, perhaps the purpose was not character development but creating a sphere where religion and the supernatural exist together.  Though I desired more from the characters and even more explanation for certain elements and plot elements, this series did peek my interest.  I hadn't noticed such a peek until the two hours ended and I was left wondering: what happens next?  This video series has not been continued and part of me hates that I won't be able to continue watching and see how it ends.


  1. I had similar frustrations with the series, but I agree that there are some interesting elements that made me curious and want to know more.

  2. I agree that it was interesting to see how he interacted with other people through the eyes of his personal camera. I think that that perspective, more than anything else, helped develop the characters.