Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Humanize BOM part ::: 2

Today’s blog post I decided to analyze the Book of Enos. While reading and doing a quick analysis I found several ways I could humanize The Book of Mormon.

Firstly, I would like to discuss the conversations between God and Enos. Obviously all of the conversation was through prayer, however, Enos uses the term “wrestled.” This means that God and Enos were having a discussion back and forth. Throughout the entirety of The Book of Mormon we can see this simple type of communication. I think often we feel that God answers our prayers through significant events or in other ways such as people, or feelings. In the Book of Mormon we see on many accounts God speaking with prophets. Enos is one prime example, we all have different relationships with God, and Enos felt that he could ask and communicate through God in this way. Though, we don’t have these same conversations with God as the Prophets do, this shows us that God can be personal and wants to be personal with his children.

Lastly, Enos was written in a more retable way after I did a deeper analysis. He tells us how he “was” before he became a prophet. Like many times in the Book of Mormon we read these prophets but what was their life lie previous to becoming a servant of the Lord. In Enos we see his writing in humility. (DISCLAIMER PROHETS IN BOM ARE HUMBLE) He talks about time before being a prophet, when he had experiences just like us. He had to plead for forgiveness to the Lord. Enos is a prime example through writing how we can humanize The Book of Mormon and relate to these “at times” very untreatable prophets of old.


  1. I've always liked the story of Enos, too. It's cool to hear about such a profound and intimate experience with prayer. We don't know what Enos' sins were or what he felt guilty about, but they were likely pretty similar to the mistakes most of us make. So Enos' story is relatable and brings us hope that we, too, can get answers to our prayers.

  2. I love the book of Enos. There's so much to unpack and think about. I think you did an awesome job. Every time I read Enos, something new jump out at me. There's really so much to talk about there.