Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I don't even think Jeremiah knows what just happen

The Jeremiah series is complied of several short videos about a boy named, Jeremiah Whitney. Jeremiah is a freshman in college and realizes that he holds a more important purpose in life. The filming was constantly changing perspectives that threw me off. I felt that it was distracting to the character development and the whole plot/themes of the show. Even though it was distracting for me I could see how it help rely needed information to the audience through short excerpts. Over all when discussing the characters I thought they could have been developed a lot more to intrigue viewers. There were only a handful of characters that had “umpf” to them that made the show interesting. I think by developing more of the characters this could have been given more credit. I even think the main character could have had more about him. I didn’t even connect with the main character at all, and as a viewer that is a problem. He could have meditated on his actions/experiences more by expressing the whole processes more outwardly.

The whole idea of the show is interesting. A religious boy who is connected to an ancient writing and through experiences finds different connections all while attending school. The idea is cool, but could have been implemented better. It was hard to follow and I am still not even sure why. I mean, all being said and done. I am glad I watched it other than an assignment because it was a kind of media I had never experienced before.


  1. Yeah I agree with that. I'm glad I watched it because it was cool to see a new way of sharing stories, but I was pretty confused throughout most of the series. I wonder what could have made it less confusing?

  2. After reading everyone's posts, it seems that most of us were unfamiliar by the new form of media. Maybe most of us were confused because this new medium through us off, I am not sure. But whether that be the case or not, I agree that the characters were rather underdeveloped and as much as I wanted to, I didnt connect or even understand any of them. I like how you mentioned that if Jeremiah experienced more self-reflection and pondering, he would developed more and I totally agree.