Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Mountain Between Us

The Latter Day Saint novel, The Mountains Between Us, was a great fun and fast novel. The author Jenny Proctor did a fabulous job building up her characters. I loved Eliza’s character. As a member of the Mormon Church I can relate to Eliza and the struggles she has gone through but how she can still keep a positive attitude. Her relationship with her family challenges her emotionally but she has developed an understanding that we are here to go through these trails. The other well-developed character is obviously Henry. As Henry has had a recent divorced and has been trying to figure out how to deal with consequences that come with his decisions. I love the theme Proctor uses in her novel, dependence. She shows her readers how dependence isn’t always a bad thing but a necessity. In our religion we believe that we can’t do everything by ourselves. We have always have God to depend on after we do everything we can. I see this in both these characters. They both have real life situations they are dealing with and trying their hardest to find a solution to their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. There are many other themes through out this novel that tie to the Mormon teachings but I feel as that this book is for many people who are struggling with everyday trails. I think that the seriousness in this book compliments the romance part. I think sometimes as members of the LDS faith we often keep positive attitudes and try to convey what we one day hope to be. Did you read he words ONE DAY? Yes that means most of us are not there yet. Proctor does a great job showing this in her characters through the seriousness. The seriousness helps with the tacky Mormon romance.


  1. I like the theme of dependence that you mentioned. I didn't really notice that as I read the novel, but it makes a lot of sense. And yes, one day is an important notice. I think that when we are reading a novel, especially a short one, we forget that the characters are going through a longer period of time and we are just seeing a little overview of everything that happened.

  2. Dependence is an interesting theme to pull from this novel! I like that perspective.