Monday, March 30, 2015

I am the worst poerty analyzer ever

Atlanta to Salt Lake by Laverna B. Johnson was a fun and entertaining poem to read. I thought it was more of a modern poem. I am usually not a poetry person but this type of poetry if refreshing to me. I also loved reading this poem because I myself am moving from Utah to Alabama. I see this woman going through her journey across the country and I felt like she wasn’t very excited to make this trip. My first sign of that was her description about the hotels she stayed in. They weren’t high-end suites but more old, dirty motels in the middle of nowhere. She goes on with her trip and it seems boring and like she is driving to her death. The last stanza she explains how she is coming back home. When comparing it to the pioneers’ journey across the plains to Utah it is nothing but her feelings are still valid. I think there were many people who didn’t want to travel across the plains but still did. She keeps this attitude through the entirety of the poem.

Coming back to the poem its self. I like her writing style. Modern and still very descriptive. I don’t know if I could say this was Mormon poetry unless there was an analysis but that what I liked mostly about the poem. Over all it was fun to read, and that coming from me is a good thing because I am not a big poetry person.

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  1. I like that you "likened" the poem to your own life. I also often have a hard time with poetry, but it definitely becomes easier to read when it feels more real.