Sunday, February 22, 2015

Being a Modern-day Moroni, Post-Cumorah

For any of you who may be confused by the title, the reference is found here: (See verses 1 - 5.)

I must say, I'm struggling with this post -- more so than usual. While I have had a recent experience of some significance, in which I tried to reconnect with a friend who has been distant recently, that experience can only tell you what transpired with me, or inside of me. But that is not the purpose of this post; today I need to tell of what kinds of things I've found from those whom I've been trying to connect with. And at that, I've been failing rather spectacularly.

I think my problem is that I need to try some new venues as I search for people to connect with.

It shouldn't be so hard to find people who are sharing their personal thoughts and feelings through an online venue, should it? Surely there must be plenty of brave individuals who are baring their souls to the world and inviting people to empathize with them? Some people must be talking about things that they care about and offering their own personal input.


Admittedly, I am not the most familiar with all social networks; beyond Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, (which I still use awkwardly at best), and YouTube (if you really want to count that as a social network), I know little about finding people to connect with. I wonder sometimes how it is that strangers connect across this World Wide Web; my own blog has been around for over four years and has fewer than 4000 page views in total. Most of those views come from only two posts, which I believe only have hits because those specific posts include images of fan artwork from Nintendo games.

Maybe, just maybe, for all of the willingness I have to seek out new people to interact with, I'm poorly equipped and not yet knowledgeable enough to do so. I have been finding a lot of self-promotion and posts that sound like reports of opinions meant to sound like facts. And it's hard to empathize with a news story.

So, while I have largely been unsuccessful recently, it's not to say that I believe there are no real people scattered among the robots on the Internet. It just means that now I need to "find how to find."

I'm sorry to have nothing better to share than that. It is my sincere hope that I will have better things to tell the next time I post.


  1. I can relate to being unfamiliar with all but the social media "basics"--I'm pretty tight with Facebook, but I just got Twitter a couple weeks ago and haven't learned to use it yet. Finding good, literary blogs and things to read is tough sometimes.

    Also, your part about people staring their opinions as fact was well put. I guess we all just think we're right. At least reading posts like that teaches us how NOT to write, eh?

  2. Yeah it is kind of hard to find the right stuff especially when we don't really use that medium of technology. Something that I tried was to just search in google for Mormon blogs. That kind of connected me to other stuff.